The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Two storage parks completed in Sweden

We recently successfully completed two deliveries in Sweden at the Eskilstuna and Västerås sites. This was the second phase. We reported on the first phase earlier in our newsletter. At the request of client Kontain , our engineer Danny was present during the three weeks of delivery and erection of our Z-Boxes.

Different shipments

“The delivery was delayed for a week due to logistical problems. Then I got in the car on Wednesday morning, Nov. 16, and arrived at the site in Eskilstuna on Thursday evening.By then a number of storage containers had arrived. However, the bulk of the shipment was to arrive on Friday with three trucks each carrying 12 Z-Boxes in a shipping container.”

Larger crane

“Unfortunately, the crane that was there was much too small to unload the storage containers with. Because after all three trucks arrived, we were still trying to unload the first shipping container with the twelve Z-Boxes. Then we arranged for a bigger crane and a shovel. That went better but still the unloading of the shipping container took too long.”

Ice cold

“During the delivery, it was also freezing cold and snowing. Since I had to stand outside all day, I noticed that I was dressed too cold anyway. So I first went to buy an ice hat and good work gloves at the local hardware store…”

Quick unloading

“Eventually we were able to rent an even larger crane from rental company Krantjanst. This one was able to put the shipping container on the ground in one go from the truck. Then we were able to use the shovel to pull the Z-Boxes out of the container. Then it went very quickly.”


“The boss of the rental company drove the crane himself. The shovel was manned by a Dutch employee, so that greatly facilitated communication. In Sweden, it gets dark as early as three o’clock in the winter. That’s why the cranes and shovels have good lighting as standard. So we were able to unload all the containers in one day.”


“On the first weekend, our construction team arrived. The following Monday, the second load of five shipping containers arrived. These were all unloaded in the same way. We pulled out the storage containers with the shovel from the shipping containers that had first been placed on the ground. We were lucky that a layer of ice covered the ground. Now we could drag them over the layer of ice to the right place without damaging the asphalt of the container park.”

Storage Park Västerås

“After all the storage containers, the customer had ordered several models of the Z-Box, were unloaded and built up in the following weeks, I came to monitor progress daily. During the work in Eskilstuna, nine containers also had to be added to the other site in Västerås, 40 car minutes away. I also arranged that transportation. For that, I hired the same company that was working for us in Eskilstuna.”

Latest Business

“Everything else went according to plan. On the last day I touched up some minor damage spots. Then the client came by and was satisfied with the work done. There followed a closing dinner with Maarten, who had come over from the Netherlands. The next day I could jump in the car and drive home with peace of mind.”

Danny Schmidt

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