Sustainability Solutions


At USC, we are always busy behind the scenes developing new applications regarding the sustainability of our Z-Box. At our demo park in Deventer we can extensively test these new applications, and even apply them already on the park.

So far there are two sustainable applications that can be applied on top of the Z-Box, these are the use of solar panels and greenroofs.

Some of these applications are outlined below.


Solar panels

At our demo park in Deventer, we are currently running a test with installed solar panels on the roof of our Z-Box. These solar panels can power your storage facility and generate even more power than your business needs. USC has the knowledge and people to install them on site themselves. During the construction of the park, the position of the sun can be taken into account, in order to achieve optimal efficiency.


Installed by us

Our people have all the necessary knowledge to install solar panels in the best way on site.
Illustratie z box met zon


The solar panels are used to generate renewable energy. This energy can then be used for something else.


At USC, we recently started looking into the possibility of passively cooling containers. One such way is the use of greenroofs. These are green sedum roofs laid according to FFL guidelines, after the sedum has been grown at another location. A sedum roof helps with cooling the containers in a warmer period, this keeps our Z-Boxes at the same temperature for a longer period of time.


A cool container

Laying the a greenroof significantly reduces the heat on the roof of the container. The cooling capacity of the greenroofs is currently being tested at our demo park in Deventer.
Z box sustainability

A green image

Installing a greenroof contributes to the green image of your storage facility. In addition, installing this sedum roof helps increase biodiversity, and requires little maintenance.

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