The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Making Z-Box suitable for bicycle storage

An elderly center in Breda was looking for a new and safe parking spot for bicycles. We devised a solution for them by cleverly using the capabilities of our multi-purpose storage container.

The main premise was that the storage containers would not suffer permanent damage during their use as bicycle parking. Several engineers, working at USC’s Deventer branch, came up with a suitable solution for this.

Bicycle holders

First, a wooden board was installed against the bottom of one of the container’s long walls. For fastening, pre-existing holes in the container wall were used; plugs were placed in them. Bike holders were placed against the wooden slab so that users would make the most efficient use of the existing space. In addition, this easily keeps the bikes upright.

Since a storage container is only 2.28 meters wide, it was important to place the bike holders at a 45-degree angle against the wall. Each container has room for 10 bicycles side by side. Since the client wanted 20 spots, we had enough with two containers.


Contact points were then installed in the container to charge electric bicycles. This included the installation of LED lighting that operates on a motion sensor so that there was effectively good lighting present, important for the mainly elderly users. The power cable was incorporated into an existing opening between the double-walled container so that again no permanent interventions to the storage container were required.

Finally, the entrance to the container was fitted with a ramp so seniors could easily take their bikes in and out again.

In short, the entire structure within the container is designed in such a way that it can be completely removed after completion. Thus, there is no residual damage.

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