Your business grows faster through leasing!

Many business owners would like to increase sales and profits. For that, it is necessary to grow further. And to grow, you will need to invest. But today, investing is not so easy. The biggest problem for many entrepreneurs is in liquidity. Investing is generally not done with €100. In that regard, many entrepreneurs are, rightly, cautious about deploying their own capital. Building liquidity takes a lot of time and this stagnates the growth of the business and therefore liquidity, unless you borrow from the bank at a relatively high interest rate. And that’s a shame.

Leasing increasingly popular

There is a clever way to still be able to grow without having to make large investments. Leasing is ideally suited for this purpose. When you lease a product, you pay a fixed amount per month. Not only do you then have certainty of costs, you can also continue to have your own capital available to make other investments with.

Leasing also has its tax advantages. Consider, for example, the investment deduction. In addition, you can record the interest portion of your lease term as an expense on your income statement. Not surprisingly, even within the self-storage industry, more and more companies are taking advantage of the leasing options offered.

Buy or return

Universal Storage Containers also offers the option of leasing our self storage box. At the end of the lease term, say after 48 months, you can still decide whether you still want to buy the self-storage box for a set price or return it. In short, leasing means the freedom to grow without having to make large investments right away.

Are you curious about what leasing can do for your business? We would like to invite you to discuss the many possibilities with us. Stop delaying the growth of your business and contact us as soon as possible.