The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Twente University & Universal Storage Containers, an excellent combination

On Monday, Feb. 6, the annual Career Fair at the Twente University took place. Dozens of companies presented themselves to the Industrial Design Engineering students.


The Career Fair offers students a great opportunity to find a challenging job, an interesting internship or a suitable thesis project. USC was in attendance again this year. As we are constantly working to further improve our containers, we like to involve talented and interested young people.

Working with us

During the previous Career Fair, we were able to connect with several students. After a successful introduction, they decided to complete their undergraduate or graduate studies with us. As seen below, Seth and Danny are now permanent colleagues on our team.

One of the students was Jorg Smulders. ‘I got involved in developing an effective container storage method. It became a very pleasant experience, throughout the project I was also well supported and I can definitely recommend USC to other students or job seekers.’

Former colleague Roan van Kammen also joined us: ‘My undergraduate assignment was about being able to heat containers effectively. I really got the right resources and cooperation here to get a good end result. I gained a lot of experience at USC, so it all started when I met USC at the Career Fair.’ After my undergraduate degree, I worked for USC for another six months. Recently, I started a new Master of Architecture.

Colleague Seth Palsgraaf also chose us: ‘In 2022, I was introduced to USC during the Career Fair. I have now been working as a marketer and video editor at USC for a year. It’s a fun environment to work in and also within a nice international team.’

Colleague Danny Schmidt, meanwhile, graduated: “For my master’s thesis, I started two years ago to improve Salland Storage’s StowBox, USC’s sister company. Now I work entirely for USC. I really like it here, operating in a nice team and doing a lot of different work in design and engineering.’

Career Fair 2023

At the last Career Fair, we were able to connect with a new batch of graduate students, some of whom will be helping us with:

  • continuing to improve our stacking structure for self-storage containers;
  • Optimizing the heating, insulation and cooling of our self-storage containers;
  • Developing and testing convenient storage options within our self-storage containers.

We will introduce the graduates to you later and, for now, wish them the best of luck with their graduation project at Universal Storage Containers.

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