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The Z-Box; a profitable and sustainable revenue model

Those who invest in our storage container kill two birds with one stone. Not only are you choosing a profitable revenue model. You are also getting a very durable product by purchasing the Z-Box. Indeed, at USC, sustainable business practices are always a priority.

10x sustainability

In short, our focus is on providing products and services that meet the current needs of our customers and their end users without compromising the interests of future generations. Our Z-Box storage container is a good example of a product designed with great attention to durability and longevity. Because, go figure:

  1. The Z-Box is made almost entirely of steel that is highly recyclable. In fact, in the near future, the Z-Box will be made of 100% recyclable material.
  2. Steel is highly recyclable. Yet we strive to reduce their use. A positive consequence is, that the transport weight will also continue to decrease.
  3. The used screws also get a second life or are recycled.
  4. The storage containers are foldable, making them more efficient to transport. They are stackable so as many as possible can be transported in one shipping container.
  5. Because the Z-Box is a collapsible storage container, as many as 12 units can be transported on one truck.
  6. The outside and inside of the storage containers are customizable, allowing for a wide range of uses, so you can use the storage container for longer.
  7. By using high-quality material, our storage containers last a very long time.
  8. The storage container and its constituent parts are designed so that repairs and performing maintenance are easy to perform.
  9. The Z-Box is designed so that the compartments can be easily reused.
  10. Production and pre-assembly is done at one location whenever possible, reducing the need for transportation movements.

Sustainability Report

At the request of several clients, we prepared a Sustainability Report. Indeed, the municipalities where our clients operate or wish to become active are increasingly requesting such a report. USC works hard every day to make its products and services more sustainable. USC’s Sustainability Report will therefore be continually supplemented, updated and expanded.

Our most recent Sustainability Report is available upon request.
Interested? You can always reach me at +31 570 756035 or

Maarten Streppel

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