The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Opening Salland Storage Almelo-Aadorp

Recently, Salland Storage’s newest storage park, in Almelo Aa-dorp, opened its doors. Maarten Streppel: “We are very pleased with this expansion. We were able to use this to help a client make good use of a vacant industrial site. So our storage containers are ideally suited for that, the first reservations are already in.”

High efficiency

“So this client had space left over and was looking for appropriate fill-in. After making a calculation, it appeared that placing storage containers would provide the best return on investment. Through-via he had heard about our multifunctional Z-Box containers. So he wanted to install them but had no experience in operating them.”


“That’s why we opted for a customized solution. The customer brings in the site and we bring in our knowledge and expertise. Of course, the local zoning plan must allow the operation of self-storage containers. A suitable storage yard site is fenced with good quality fencing, well paved, has excellent water drainage and is easily accessible by car. Then it offers exactly what the customer is looking for.”

Salland Storage formula

“The customer implements the Salland Storage formula and benefits from our long-standing knowledge of container operation, the procedures to be followed and our experience with end users. He uses our reservation system and digital forms and our Google experience with regard to online recognition and findability. In practice, in the case of Almelo, this means that half of the containers are owned by the customer and half by us. But other constructions are of course also possible.”

Good example

The opening of Salland Storage Almelo is another good example for entrepreneurs who want to achieve high returns with containers but are hesitant because they are not familiar with the storage industry. Maarten: “We recommend this opportunity wholeheartedly precisely because we have built up a reputation in this industry for 15 years, which means that entrepreneurs can engage with us without worry. In addition, we also simply enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.”

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