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USC Goes Off-grid

With custom solar panel structures, we can install six panels per Z-Box. This allows us to make your storage farm off-grid; power inside and outside our containers without a connection to the grid.

Solar panels on the Z-Box

The custom solar panel construction allows us to place six panels per Z-Box. At our demo park in Deventer, we also equipped 13 containers with solar panels. In doing so, we take advantage of the empty space on the roof and maximize profits.
We can always realize a solar panel installation for you on an existing container park.

Off-grid in practice

The Off-grid system uses a 24V voltage in the container itself. This provides optimal security, efficient lighting and the ability to connect electric locks. In addition to 24V, it is also possible to link to 220V to connect outdoor lights and cameras, for example.

The solar panels we use are made entirely of glass and also completely recyclable. The Wattage of the panels can be adjusted according to the location and use of the installation. In England, at the SSA UK, we are presenting three different variants of the Off-grid installation.

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