The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

From -20 in Sweden to wind force 11 in France

We recently completed a container park in the northern French town of Valenciennes. This involved a park for Carrébox, owned by the family business Coisne, a household name within the French storage market. By 2020, we had delivered the first park for Carrébox. This took place during the first period of the European lockdown, the week of March 16, 2020. With a lot of effort from all parties, it was then possible, with remote guidance from us, to build the park as planned.

Building during three storms
A new round with new opportunities. If we were working in temperatures of -20 degrees in Sweden recently, the weather gods were not exactly cooperating this time either. As many as three storms simultaneously blew across northwestern Europe and we were right in the middle of them with this project. So it remained very windy for days, which made construction very difficult. Only the first day the weather was still reasonable. Then, fortunately, we were able to get some drone shots.

Raw and straightforward
Carrébox Valenciennes is run by Jérémy Coisne. The storage facility is located right on the A2, south of Valenciennes. This is a former steel and mining area in northern France. The Belgian border is only a handful of miles away. In the 19th century this was economically one of the most important places in France, but in 1989 the last mine closed here. The environment and its inhabitants are rather rough and straightforward. Because we Dutch can also do fine with these characteristics, this facilitates contact.

Third location
A little later than planned, we were still able to deliver the park. A third location of Carrébox will follow in April. This time in Pilaterie, near Lille. A number of containers have already been delivered here and the rest will follow soon. We will inform you about this project later this year. Hopefully then, with no storms or lockdowns, we can have everything go according to plan for once….

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