The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Does the customer think your storage location is safe enough?

The way your self-storage park is secured plays an increasingly important role in a customer’s decision to use your location. Of course, you may well believe that your storage facility is secure enough. What matters, however, is that the customer in particular feels that his or her stored items are in safe hands with you. Otherwise, the deal is off. And that’s the last thing you want….

Safe self storage

We can safely say that without investing in security, you cannot offer an attractive self-store location. After all, no one wants to rent a space where one suspects there is a good chance that possessions in storage containers will be damaged or stolen. So it’s simple, the more protection you can offer, the faster customers will want to do business with you. And the more likely it is that potential thieves or vandals will abandon your location and seek another target.

Customer perspective

Before picking out security components you want to use, it is helpful to see the situation through the eyes of a customer. And from the moment it first appears in front of the entrance to your location. Next, go over all the steps the customer can take. Until the moment he leaves the premises again.

At the entrance

When a customer approaches your storage location, he should notice a highly visible fence. This fence should enclose entire location and you certainly should not be able to easily climb over it. After all, such a fence is your first line of defense. If your park operates in an area where not many people are always passing by, an alarm system with motion detector is recommended. It can be linked to the office alarm system and can be equipped with monitors. It may also be smart to install outdoor sirens. These go off when activity is detected near the fence.

Access Control

The entrance shall consist of an electronically operated entrance gate. If your self-storage location stays open outside the usual business hours, an access control system is a must. After all, an automated entrance gate allows you to control who and when you grant access.

There are several systems on the market. A digital keypad on which the customer enters a unique code is the most basic system. It is also possible to incorporate an intercom and cameras into such a keypad. Customers can thus get help quickly, if needed, even outside business hours. In doing so, the person answering the call can see the person being spoken to.

In some cases, customers can easily open the gate with a card or mobile app on their phone. Or by having his fingerprint scanned into a biometric reader. It is also possible for the camera at the gate to read the license plate number of the tenant’s car and grant access that way. Whatever option you choose, users will like it when you use a customer-friendly yet secure access method.


When the customer then goes through the entrance, he or she should definitely pass a highly visible camera. It must have a resolution high enough to capture a clear image of the driver, vehicle type and license plate number.

So much for the entrance. But, of course, there is more to do. Next time: inside the venue.


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