USC Christmas Greeting 2023 Jan Hein and Maarten Streppel

FEDESSA Winter Workshop & AESS

Last time, we attended two fun events. This year’s winter workshop was in beautiful Switzerland, Jan-Hein was here as he was last year. In addition, Maarten and Danny were together in Madrid at the AESS. They are happy to tell a bit more about their experiences.

FEDESSA Winter Workshop

As in previous years, the winter workshop is always something to look forward to. Less beautiful environments for a workshop can be imagined. After several years in the cozy St. St. Anton am Arlberg in Austria this year, the Fedessa’s choice was beautiful Villars in Switzerland.

Even though we offset all of our air travel within USC with so-called sustainable fuel (we are good faith), the train still remains the most sustainable mode of transportation. Very relaxing and the to-do list can be nicely updated during the trip.

Artificial Intelligence

Arriving in Switzerland, it was two great days with workshops on SEO and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in self-storage. SEO is, of course, long overdue to recruit enough tenants, but at least as interesting is the use of AI as a tool to promote your self-storage location. Try a tool like Chat GPT and ask it to list 10 good reasons why people need self-storage. I can tell you it’s interesting.

Of course, we had to ski and catch up in the bar. The latter in particular the English understand all too well. In short, it was very enjoyable again.

Want to learn more about AI in self-storage?
I am happy to put you in touch with the right people.

Jan-Hein Streppel

The AESS in Madrid

March 7 was the annual AESS fair in Spain. It takes place alternately in Barcelona or Madrid. We have already done a number of projects and Spain and this summer we have another beautiful project planned, which we can tell you more about soon.

Northern U.S. Southern Europe

The AESS traditionally has many visitors from all over Southern Europe. She is not limiting this to Spain alone. The Spanish user has different requirements than the Northern European user, so we developed a customized container for the Spanish market. In particular, core issues such as our insulation are less important.

The greenroof in warmer climates

Sun protection, on the other hand, is very important. For this purpose, we have developed a greenroof. A live plant row provides protection from the sun, lowering the temperature in the container by at least 10 degrees. Birds and insects will thank you in addition. By the way, although we had been looking forward to that Spanish sun, it was sadly absent. The day consisted of wind and lots of rain. We had seen enough of that this winter, unfortunately.

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Maarten Streppel

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