The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

FEDESSA Conference & Trade Show 2023

From October 24 to 26, the annual FEDESSA Conference & Trade show took place, this time in Rotterdam. This is the trade show for all organizations and companies within the self-storage sector. Prior to the fair, we teamed up with FEDESSA for a successful tour to one of our valued customers, Storage Zeeland. Following the tour, an opening party was organized (almost traditionally by now) at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.

USC FEDESSA site tour

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, our tour bus with nearly 50 people left for Storage Zeeland in beautiful Zierikzee. This park was built almost 2 years ago without being hindered by existing setups, buildings or rules. So this park could be designed from scratch as a container park. So the arrangement is optimal.

The route to Zierikzee is impressive and in many ways typically Dutch. First the port of Rotterdam, then over the Delta Works and a significant part of the ride was below sea level. For an international company, this takes some getting used to every time. At Storage Zeeland, we were warmly welcomed by Martin and Jascha with hot coffee and delicious Zeeland Bolussen. There was great interest in the containers and also a general admiration for the neat storage yard.

On the way back, we organized a small cheese and wine tasting. Holland, of course, is known for its cheeses, so it went without saying that we had to share some of this with the company. Together with cheese shop de Brink from Deventer, we selected six delicious cheeses that go well with the red and white wine. The white wine came from the Apostelhoeve vineyards in Maastricht, a Dutch wine in other words. As red wine, we chose one from Spain from the famous Rioja region. The entire tasting was very much appreciated. Once back in Rotterdam, we were just in time for our opening party at the Maritime Museum.

USC FEDESSA opening party

With over 160 people in attendance, the opening party was hugely successful. People enjoyed the snacks and drinks and the venue was very much appreciated. The Maritime Museum fits well with Rotterdam, a true port city. Outside, we had a demo Z-Box on display that also drew a lot of attention. This was an ideal opportunity to showcase our beautiful insulated and ventilated containers to interested attendees. After an enjoyable evening, it was up early the next morning to really start the fair.

On the exhibition floor

Our booth was in an excellent location, easily accessible from both entrances and right in front of the conference hall. Since the fair was in Rotterdam this year, we were able to go big. Several vans were used for this purpose. The booth was the result of a carefully recreated 3D setup, which we had already honed in our own hall.
Our 3D printer has been working overtime for the past few months, resulting in a lifelike model that could be used to assemble a storage park live. There is almost no better way to depict a storage park.

In addition, we have not been idle in the areas of sustainability and innovation. To take advantage of the empty space on top of the containers, our lightweight custom construction allows us to install six solar panels per container. This means that yield per m2 can be maximized, combined with projecting a sustainable image. Our team also developed a second floor of Z-Boxes. Thanks to our custom-made stairs and bridges, the upper floor is accessible to the end user 24/7. All technical solutions are mounted on existing screw holes in the container so that each container remains completely intact. With this solution, we guarantee the residual value of the containers.
All in all it was a very successful show, we were able to talk to many people and present ourselves well.

Thank you very much for all the interest, and hope to see you soon!

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