External storage space offers movers additional opportunities

Recently, colleague Maarten Streppel gave a presentation in Amersfoort at the invitation of Euromovers Nederland. Maarten told the present moving companies that they miss opportunities because they still associate offering storage space too much with relocations.

Many private individuals also need storage space without having planned a move immediately. And people simply prefer to store at the location of a well-known moving company that has been active in their own region for decades than with a relatively unknown storage company. The movers, with their often long-standing companies, could make more use of this brand awareness.


USC unburdens

Moving companies are often reluctant to offer external storage space, says Maarten. They think that customers will visit them on a daily basis and that they are not equipped for that. However, by building a separate storage park on the outside area, this is not the case. This prevents walk-in while customers can still access their belongings independently 24/7.

A storage park generates a lot of extra work? Don’t worry, the management of the park can also be taken over entirely by USC. Of course, hybrid variants of this formula are also possible, in which part of the storage takes place outside and part of the storage inside.


Increasing turnover

USC knows from experience that a separate storage park increases turnover. Chances are that customers who store with you will also entrust a future move to the same company. USC has already set up a successful collaboration with Euromovers member H. van der Berg at their location in Duiven. Even with non-Euromovers members, there are already successful partnerships in which external storage on the outside area has been realized.

As USC we therefore are convinced that our solution meets the latent needs of many more moving companies and otherwise those of their customers. We would therefore like to invite the members of Euromovers to contact us to discuss the possibilities for their own company.

USC would like to thank Euromovers once again for the warm welcome and the opportunity Maarten was given to tell our story.

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