The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Deventer and Bergen, a long trading tradition

We reported it before; USC goes to Scandinavia! A few weeks ago we realized a container park in Bergen, Norway. This is the first time that we have set foot in this country. Nevertheless, our city of Deventer and Bergen have a centuries-long trading tradition. A brief history lesson..

Stockfish and Deventer koek

As early as the 14th century, deventenaren sailed to Bergen. They did that to stock up on stockfish, a dried cod. The river IJssel was still navigable for seafaring ships back then. The Zuiderzee (Southern sea) used to provide free passing from the river IJssel towards the north back then aswell. This sea has since been transformed to the IJssel lake due to land reclamation projects.

During the harsh voyages, the crew was fed by a long lasting and nutritious recipe. Normal bread would not last for the entire journey ahead. The baker’s guild of Deventer provided the solution. It was found by using a cookie-like composition. It had a much longer shelf life. During the entire trip, this could be safely eaten. The presence of safe food to consume provided a substantial competitive advantage over other cities. From this recipe, the famous Deventer Koek was eventually created.

The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project


In the 16th century, another problem arose. The IJssel started to get bogged down and became shallower as a result. Eventually, seagoing ships could no longer reach the city. Due to this the city lost her strategic position as a seaport. The Nothern trade route sank slowly out of existence. Other cities on the coast jumped into the hole. They took over the lucrative trade.

However, the Deventer Koek is still produced on our industrial estate to this day. Even the Society of Mountaineers is still active 641 year later. We like to keep the Deventer entrepreneurial spirit alive. That is why all our guests always get Deventer Koek to take home.

We think it’s pretty amazing how we, as a local Deventer company, can continue the history of trade and innovation in Bergen set up hondreds of years ago by our forefathers. A new container park as a crowning achievement of a centuries-long relationship. The containers no longer go by cog ship, but by trailer…

The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

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