The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Delivery container park in Berlin, Germany

Last April the construction of a large warehouse in Berlin started for the company
. Lagerbox is among the larger self storage companies in Germany, but has Dutch roots. Nice to be able to experience the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit of owner Peter Blauw across the border. To our colleagues Danny and Maarten the honor of taking up residence in a Berlin hotel. This is in order to manage the construction and logistics process.

Citadel of Spandau

The self-storage park is situated in the district of Spandau, in the far west of Berlin. Spandau is known, among other things, for its medieval citadel. During World War II, the citadel became a part in the Berlin defense line. During the Battle of Berlin, the Red Army laid siege to the citadel. After negotiations, the German troops stationed in the citadel surrendered. As a result, many lives and the historic structures were spared. Today it is a museum and a popular tourist attraction.


The self storage location is located in the middle of a residential area and a business park. Unfortunately, the day construction was to begin, there turned out to be no forklift. Fortunately, during the afternoon we were still able to get a forklift. Now we could unload the first load of containers on site.

Getting ready for construction
During the first few days, another construction team was working to make a portion of the site suitable for our containers. This meant that the spot where the containers would eventually be placed was not yet accessible. Therefore, we chose to unload and build temporarily in the area of phase 2. In this way, the two construction teams did not get in each other’s way. This went almost without a hitch. Builders working with the ground were also helpful by leveling soil upon request,. This allowed the container deliveries to reach the right place without any problems.

Original forklift

The next day, the previously ordered forklift, which could reach higher than the “spare forklift,” arrived. Now we could unload multiple loads quickly.

The following days new container deliveries constantly arrived from the Netherlands, provided by our regular transporter De Roos. These could be unloaded by our construction team without much difficulty, after which they were able to quickly assemble the self storage containers.

Final stage
After all the containers were in place, all that remained was to fix the necessary minor damages. Now that everything has been handled to the client’s satisfaction, we can finally deliver the park. On to the next one!

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