Create your ideal storage park; come and see in Deventer

Recently, the environmental plaza housed at our outdoor site in Deventer was discontinued and moved to another location. At this square, Deventer residents could dispose of their recyclable waste for free. It goes without saying that we had a pleasant, long-term tenant in the municipality of Deventer.

Locally, we offer storage space under the trade name Salland Storage. A big advantage for Salland Storage was the continuous large traffic flow towards the environmental square, so just about every resident of Deventer now knows we are located. But as always, there is a time of coming and of going, and this time had now arrived.

Realize full-scale storage park

The departure of a tenant always brings great opportunities. For USC, this provided the opportunity to create a full-scale storage park for our storage containers. This park could serve as a benchmark for the parks we will build. In the past, we already had a nice test facility in place, but we were already fantasizing in 2019 how wonderful it would be to be able to commission our own storage park for Salland Storage.

This way, we feel even closer to the end user and hear first-hand experiences with our storage containers. We are happy to share these experiences with you. We are also testing new concepts such as heating in our storage containers, the ideal width of streets full of containers, as well as the use of solar panels.

The photos give an impression but of course you are welcome to come and have a ‘live’ look.
In any case, we are very happy with the new arrangement.

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