The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Container relocation Germany

Seth explains, “Even after a customer has purchased containers from us, we try to be of service as much as possible.” Such was the case with a customer in Germany where the containers needed to be moved after a few years. In this article I tell you a little more about the process and flexibility of our containers.

The original placement

A few years back we had placed a number of containers in a parking garage for Ruhr Lager. In many places the parking garage was less than 3 meters high, but this was not a problem for placement. With our custom-made wheel construction, we can easily drive the containers to the right place, despite the limited space.


These wheels came in handy again when removing the containers. Using a forklift and the wheels, we were able to easily move the containers out of the parking garage. Outside, our faithful transporter De Roos was waiting to load the containers. The containers were easily lifted onto the truck using a truck-mounted crane. It is no problem to transport or move the containers in built-up form, thus ensuring optimal mobility.

The new location

Once on site, the containers could be lifted off the truck and easily moved to their new location. “They are now on the same site as containers we had previously delivered.”

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