The Storage Competitor Self Storage Park Construction Project

Completion Ireland & Netherlands


Recently, we have had the opportunity to take care of several projects, we would like to highlight Ireland and our own Netherlands. We tell you how we handled this and what is involved in delivering and building a storage facility.

Completion Nesta, Ireland

We had a delivery at Nesta in Churchtown, south Dublin. This new Nesta facility had a very substantial parking lot, ideal for our containers!

Receiving the containers

Danny and Seth took delivery of the containers and got everything ready for the construction team. Once we arrived at Nesta, we came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to do this on the narrow lot without interfering with other traffic. Even though the underground is a perfect place for containers, it is not a vast plain like we are often used to in Scandinavia, for example. Therefore, to ensure the condition of the containers, we looked for a place where the containers could be unloaded without any problems. We found a company where there was a lot of space and also we had access to a large forklift with a huge carrying capacity.

Here, unfortunately, we could not go until the next morning, leaving us with a whole afternoon to spare. Fortunately, the weather was nice, so we decided to take a hike in the nearby Wicklow Mountains. This way we still saw some of beautiful Ireland.

Unloading the containers

On Tuesday morning, we started early to remove the containers from the racks. The Z-Boxes are transported per 12 vertically in racks in a shipping container. So here they have to be taken out before they can be stacked flat on a trailer. Once at Nesta, there was a quick and smooth offload. The construction team arrived later by ferry, so our work was finished here.

The weather in Dublin is quite changeable. You can put on sunscreen, but it can still rain off if you’re unlucky. All seasons can pass by in an hour. So it is ideal for maintaining the moisture balance in the container.

Together with Nesta, an arrangement of 26 containers was chosen. Our construction team assembled and positioned them. For them, it was quite a journey. First to Cherbourg (FR) and from there by ferry directly to Dublin. For the crew, it took some getting used to the fact that the return trip was already set, as storm Agnes made landfall. So there was considerable performance pressure ahead. Fortunately, the deadline was more than met.

The result of this project can be seen in the photos.

Mini Storage Watergoor, Netherlands

A little closer to us, just half an hour away in Nijkerk, we also filled the parking lot with containers for Mini-storage Watergoor. Mini Storage Watergoor opened its doors last year in a beautiful location in Nijkerk and still had a lot of empty space around the building.
Again, the current parking lot was not generating revenue, making our containers a nice addition.

Creative solutions for unloading

At Mini Storage Watergoor, there is an almost homey atmosphere, making it a joy to visit. In England, they affectionately call this pop & mom storage. Technically, and was a bit of a slump, as the forklift was considerably lighter than required. Heavier forklifts were not available. This means that the required lifting height and width between forklift handles could not be met. We found the solution to the first problem in the method of transportation. Because it was close, lower stacks on the truck were chosen.

The width problem could be overcome by a mechanically widened front panel, which we developed once already 12 years ago for our StowBox, in order to still be able to use a standard forklift in case of problems with our modified forklift. This custom lift board allows a standard lift truck board to be widened. He who saves has what, goes a Dutch saying. With some technical creativity and good communication, you will achieve a satisfactory result.

We thank both Nesta and Storage Watergoor for trusting us!

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