Completion Baarn

One of our most recent renditions took place in Baarn. I.H.P. Beheer B.V. is taking advantage of our smart short-lease construction and is now offering storage space in Baarn. This is done in collaboration with Storage Share.

I.H.P. was looking for an opportunity to offer temporary storage space. The link to USC and Storage Share was then quickly established. At the location in question, we installed 6 Z-Boxes that provide space for 18 rentable units.

This location is in the middle of a residential area, which is fairly unique because most of our clients operate in an industrial or business park. So one of the great advantages of our Z-Box is that, because of its perfect design, you can really put them anywhere.
Especially in a residential area, the opportunities for a successful revenue model are high. No doubt there are plenty of local residents who could use some extra storage space for their belongings. Then it’s very nice when you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to get to your own unit.

Would you also like to learn more about all the possibilities our storage concept offers when placed in a residential area? We would be happy to tell you more about this!