Operating lease, assembly and a marketing boost

Do you want to lease our storage containers?

Since 2018, Universal Storage Containers B.V. has its own leasing company. This means we can always provide a competitive offer for operating leases. You will always receive an appropriate quotation from us quickly. In addition, we have a flexible underwriting policy.

Operating lease

With this, you rent the storage container for the entire term. After the lease term, there is the possibility of becoming the owner of the property. During the lease term, all lease amounts can be increased in the profit and loss account. We can also insure the storage containers during the lease period.

You pay an initial lease installment of 15% of the purchase price. Then you lease the storage containers for a period of 48, 60 or 84 months. After meeting all lease terms, you have the option to buy the containers. That means you become both the legal and economic owner of the storage containers. In fact, these, if properly maintained, can last for many years.

So leasing our storage containers for outdoor storage can be very interesting. The benefits at a glance:

Freely disposable capital by lease

■ €50,000 lease means €7,500 down payment. That means €42,500 of freely disposable capital during the lease term. At the end of the lease term, the conclusion is intended to buy the containers, if necessary.
■ When you lease €100,000, that means a down payment of €15,000. So €85,000 free disposable capital during the lease period. At the end of the lease term, you can use the final sum to buy the containers.

Advantages of operating lease

■ You can start using storage containers at a relatively low investment.
■ The ability to deploy up to 7 times as many containers for business activities.
■ Capital remains available to finance the company’s growth.
■ Financial room remains available for investing in existing or new sites.
■ You can use your capital for other investments.

Cost of operating lease

In the coming years, lease is still very attractive because of the low interest rates.

■ Leasing for 48 months costs about 7 of the purchase amount.
■ Leasing for 84 months costs about 11 of the purchase amount.

Het professionele assemblageteam van uSC


We have our own professional construction team. Our staff has extensive experience in both assembly and installation of container parks. They deliver the containers completely turn-key. The occupant can move in the same day.

In addition to assembling our containers, our construction team also provides them with power and lighting if required. Our team is able to assemble and install dozens of containers in a few days. Container assembly and installation is included in the price.

We move the containers with a (local) forklift. If required, we will install the solar panels on the roof.

Marketing boost

If you want to grow with your business, we would like to think along with you.
Of course, you would prefer to rent the available storage space as soon as possible. In doing so, you want to keep occupancy rates as high as possible. To then perhaps expand further. Of course, this does not happen by itself. You will need to invest time and financial resources to bring your storage units to the attention of (potential) customers.

We can well imagine that you cannot always make enough time for this. You may not have enough information to determine which marketing tool might work best for your business.

USC has extensive experience in the storage industry. We use a number of effective marketing strategies. You can also use these for your business to get the desired attention from the target audience(s). We can support you with that.

Once you have placed an order with us, you can take advantage of our expertise. If desired, we will take a closer look at your unique business situation. Then our account manager creates a plan. This is all included in the purchase price! There are many marketing tools you can think of where we can support you. Examples include;

· Webdesign
· Telephone acquisition
· Flyers and stickering

Het marketingteam van USC


To stimulate your local findability, we can design a website for you. Our designer provides you with a fresh design, in line with the corporate identity. Moreover, our websites are always fully responsive (so suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop).

Flyers and Decals

Our designer has a lot of experience in designing flyers and branding material for storage parks. For example, he can design flyers and stickers in your own corporate identity. The stickers can be placed on your Z-Boxes, so that they are in line with the corporate identity of your company.

Telephone acquisition

In order to be able to use this tool successfully, a good plan is needed. An indispensable call list of local companies where your target group is a customer is indispensable. We set up an action to make these companies your ‘ambassadors’. Ask after if you can put up a poster there or put up flyers. Perhaps they also have an interest in some extra storage space? Asking the right questions is important, as is being prepared for possible counterarguments that the caller can bring in.

Our account manager has years of experience in telephone acquisition. We are happy to use this expertise for you.

Want to know more? Contact our marketing team.