A good testimonial works wonders

Maybe you already have testimonials without noticing them. Walk through your records. View emails, WhatsApp messages, or customer cards. Are there a few nice phrases or oneliners in some of those messages? If so, ask the person if you can use it for one of your communication channels. That will rarely be a problem.

Write testimonials

When you start writing testimonials, there are several things to consider. first of all, it should be specifically about the experiences that your customer has (had) with the product or service. A hymn to what a great company you have or how nice you are is of course nice, but says little to other customers.

• Specific

A good testimonial contains specific results. Here are some examples:
“Since I use…… my turnover increased by 25%”
“When I contacted your company, I immediately got the information I needed.”
“I had a problem with…. and the same day, a mechanic from your company came by to fix it.”
The more specific a testimony is, the stronger it sells for you. Detailed testimonials draw doubting buyers over the line. They feel supported by positive experiences of others with the same product.

• Not too long

Don’t make the recommendations too long. Every word must have value. If someone writes a half-page testimonial, delete anything that doesn’t directly relate to the product. It doesn’t change the message, it only gets stronger.

• Personal

Where possible, try to include a (company) name. So instead of a review due to Jan S. from D. you use the person’s real name, company name and place of residence, of course with permission. This contributes to credibility.
There are a lot of communication expressions on which you can post reviews: Think of your website, brochures, direct mail articles, postcards, billboards, newsletters and of course your social media accounts.
Tip: From now on, immediately collect all the spontaneous reviews you receive in a separate document. So you can use them right away.
Remember that it always comes across as stronger when someone else says how good you are, so let your customer sell for you. The sooner you start using testimonials, the better it can turn out for the bottom line.
Want to know more about using testimonials or other marketing techniques? Contact our sales team; 0570- 756035 or mail to Mark Elsendoorn, m.elsendoorn@streppel.com.

Source: Inside Self Storage